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Best smartphone 2020

Best smartphone 2020. Top 10 smartphones in 2019. We have just deserted one of the best years. Throughout 2018, we have observed great revolutions in the top 10 smartphones in 2020. Some mobile company was highest in the ranking such as Nokia, Razer, and Essential, OnePlus and Xiaomi highest in the ranking. The competition between Huawei and Samsung was very high. Some features screens without frames, in affordable devices, double cameras. Processors accompanied by artificial intelligence. That honors the smart suffix of the Smartphones. We have to see what the next 12 months will bring us. This is in terms of new releases and amazement. We accept the opportunity to select 10 of the most anticipated Smartphones. That we will see throughout 2019. Mobile price in Bangladesh. Smartphone price in bd.

Best smartphone 2020

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +

Top 10 smartphones in 2018

Top 10 smartphones in 2020

As consistently, Samsung comes back to star in every one of the headlines. This times its new commitment with high range. The Galaxy S9 will be among the first to soften into the market in 2018. Is that its launch is planned for next March 2018?  We have a clear idea what we will see in the Galaxy Unpacked 2018. Where the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + will be announced to the world. The design improves with the 5.8-inches screen. The arrival of Smartphone is dual photographic sensor 16 MP +16 MP.

Details here…

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price in Bangladesh and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Price in Bangladesh and Specifications

  1. Xiaomi Mi 7

Top 10 smartphones in 2018

Top 10 smartphones in 2020

The successor of the current Xiaomi Mi 6 is one of the great expected of 2020. It is entering with a screen ratio of 18: 9. It is the best high-end of the year which launches in January 2020. Since its design could not compete with the phones. That has added to the new fashions without frames. That is precisely the reason behind why we anticipate the new Xiaomi Mi 7. Finally, enjoy a phone series with 16 MP back and 13 MP front cameras. Details here…

Top 10 smartphones in 2018

Top 10 smartphones in 2020

This year Huawei could change something of its flagship for the first half. It would focus on offering an unusual photographic experience. Thanks to the main system formed by three signed sensors for Leica. We can buy it after March 2020. It is likely that its plan gets a facelift as for the previous generations. Thus following the new trend debuted with Mate 10. Hopefully, that the rumors are not fulfilled. The Huawei P20 does not copy one of the differential characteristics of the iPhone X. Details Here…

  1. Sony Xperia XZ2

Top 10 smartphones in 2018

Top 10 smartphones in 2020

2020 could be the year for Sony in which the brand will present Xperia XZ2. Sony usually offers great support at the level of software. It encourages us to wait with optimism the arrival of the new high-end Xperia. The screen without frames it would be 5’5 inches. It is capable of playing content in 4K. Your CPU would be a Snapdragon 845. You would enjoy 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. Its battery would be of 3,130 mAh. It will present about September 2018. Details Here…

  1. Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 Price in Bangladesh and Specifications

Google Pixel 3

The second generation of Pixel has made it clear that Google has reached the market to stay. Google could step forward in 2020 with its Smartphone family. The great G has its positions cause it has several specialists in the advancement of processors. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL already include a chip designed by Google. The Google Pixel 3 could be the first phones made by Google. The processor made by Google. Google Pixel 3 will present in April 2019. Mountain View would have total control over the hardware. It designed with a 5.5-inches display. The resolution of this device would be 2160 x 3840 pixels. Gorilla Glass 5 will protect the screen. Details here…

  1. LG G7

LG G7 Price in Bangladesh and Specification

LG G7 

LG G6 aimed to sneak into the top of the 2017 market. The organization plans to vindicate itself from its slip-ups with the new LG G7. It will look more like the V30 than the G6 itself. The LG G7 is continuing to refine the design introduced by its predecessor. That will be the first phone with LG iris scanner. It will have a technical section deserving the high scope of this New Year. All that remaining parts is for the firm to reestablish the presence of its software. It may present this month 25 January 2020. Details here…

  1. Nokia 9

Top 10 smartphones in 2018

Top 10 smartphones in 2020

The Nokia 9 would be under the shelter of HMD Global. Nokia 9 trends with a curved screen with hardly any frames of 18: 9 formats. The rumors about mobile would be the aluminum and glass construction. A photographic section formed by two 22 MP and 12 MP camera. One of its great attractions would reside in the price. It considerably lowers than that of its rivals in the high range. The launch of this terminal expected for January 2020. Details here…

  1. Essential Phone 2

Top 10 smartphones in 2018

Top 10 smartphones in 2020

It may be mere curiosity many of us to see what surprises in 2020. After the first year of his startup’s life, Essential has not been very good. The firm made clear its intentions to continue the Essential series. It is expected that the second generation of Smartphones. The phone you are most looking forward to this 2020. The screen Essential Phone 2 will be 5.7 inches. As for the primary camera, it contains dual 13 MP cameras. Essential Phone 2 may arrive in the market in March 2018.

  1. HTC U11

HTC U11 Price in Bangladesh and Full Specification

HTC U11 

The HTC U11 is another of the excellent cell phones we have for this 2018. It sports an attractive glass and metal case, with a bit of additional innovation. It stands out mainly for bringing a good camera. It has an excellent battery and performance. Among its main features, we have a 5.5-inches screen. It accompanied by a front camera of 16 MP and a rear one of 13 MP. Its Price is 550 dollars. Details here…


Huawei Mate 10 Pro Price In Bangladesh and Specifications

Huawei Mate 10 Pro 

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is the latest flagship of the Chinese smartphone. It really is one of the best of 2018. This is an ideal smartphone for anyone who needs a high-performance Smartphone. It stands out for bringing a double camera. That can capture some very good images and the operating system. Details here…

In this 2020 that has just started. We have some of the most anticipated cell phones by Android fans. We hope 2020 will be another the best year for Smartphones.

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Note: We can not guarantee that the specifications on this page is 100% correct.

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