Six Pack Care With X-Bike Price In Bangladesh

Six Pack Care With X-Bike Price In Bangladesh

Six Pack Care With X-Bike Price In Bangladesh. Gym equipment price in Bangladesh. Collect Six Pack Care With X-Bike at the low price. The Pack Care exercise bench is a modern and fitness system to work. Its exercise bench is best used to shape your abdominals. This is Multi Resistance Level Exercise Bike and Foam grip offer firm but comfortable grip.  The Best Pack Care Exercise Buy Sync Pack Care Exercises – A new and revolutionary fitness system – To work outside your upper, lower and middle stomachs. It Exercises for Building Your Body Bench You have to practice six-pack exercise exercises for just a few minutes and strengthen your tightness in exercise.
It exercises are effective for making your waste. With stomach ache, you can reduce your waist by strengthening your cire or by some centimeters.
The six-pack care exercise bench is designed to provide the best service with the lowest position. It Exercises Benches your body exercises and shapes when you use your rolls to massage. You can use a Benbe exercise for the press up for Central Handles.
Six Pack Care Exercise Bench Rolls gives you a light massage each time you are able to rest comfortably on your head and neck. This system is twice as effective as the seats on the floor. Six pack care bags can take 3 tiling positions so that you can practice set-up exercises with different difficulty levels.
Six Pack Care Exercise Ben’s two former pad chests that help you strengthen your arms, upper muscles and back. Thanks to your 360 ° rotation seat you can work for your junk muscles.

Price: TK. 7500/-

Six pack care specifications and features

Product Name : AB Six Pack Care X BIKE
Product Size : 1320*530*870 MM
Package Size : 810*310*325 MM
Net Weight : 13.5KG
Gross Weight : 14.5KG
Springs (count) : 6 (3 left + 3 right)
Loading capacity : 300kg
Cushioned seat material : Polycarbonate and polyvinyl chloride
Foam grip and handrail material : Nitrile butadiene rubber



  • Perform push ups, sit ups, triceps and bicep workout and more within one station


  • Frame length extends up to 4 levels for customized height requirements.
  • Backrest adjusts to three levels of inclination for different workout levels.
  • Multi Resistance Level Exercise Bike.
  • Foam grip offers the firm but comfortable grip.

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