KTM RC 200 Price in Bangladesh & Specs

In the realm of motorcycles, where power, performance, and style converge, the KTM RC 200 stands tall as a symbol of excellence. This article dives deep into the heart of this powerhouse, unveiling its specifications, features, and the allure it brings to the streets of Bangladesh.

KTM RC 200 Full Specifications

Specifications Details Description
Engine Displacement 199.5 cc The volume of the engine’s combustion chambers.
Engine Type 1-Cylinder, 4-Stroke, DOHC Engine Configuration and design of the engine.
Mileage Per Liter 32 kmpl Distance covered per liter of fuel.
Top Speed Ability 140 kmph Maximum achievable speed of the motorcycle.
Maximum Power 25.83 PS @ 10000 rpm Peak power output of the engine.
Maximum Torque 19.5 Nm @ 8000 rpm Maximum rotational force generated by the engine.
Kerb Weight 137 kg Weight of the motorcycle with all fluids.
Brakes Style Brake Front: Disc, Rear: Disc Type of braking system equipped on the motorcycle.
Price in Bangladesh ৳ 600,000 Cost of the motorcycle in Bangladesh currency.
Brand KTM Manufacturer of the motorcycle.
Type Sports Bikes Category of the motorcycle.
Displacement 199.5 cc Volume of the engine’s combustion chambers.
Cooling System Liquid Cooled Method used to dissipate engine heat.
Drive Type Chain Drive Type of mechanism transferring power to the wheels.
Starting Self Start Only Method used to start the engine.
Fuel Supply Fuel Injection System delivering fuel to the engine.
Clutch Wet Multi-Disc Clutch, Mechanically Actuated Component engaging/disengaging engine power.
Ignition Contactless, Controlled, Fully Electronic Ignition System With Digital Ignition Timing Adjustment System igniting fuel-air mixture in the engine.
Transmission Manual Type of gearbox transmitting power to the wheels.
Gear Box 6 Speed Number of gears in the transmission system.
Compression Ratio 14.5:1 Ratio of cylinder volume at bottom vs top dead center.
Chassis Steel Trellis Frame, Powder Coated Framework supporting the motorcycle components.
Body Type Sports Bikes Category of the motorcycle’s body design.
Front Suspension WP Upside-Down Fork Ø 43 mm Type of front wheel suspension system.
Rear Suspension WP Monoshock Type of rear wheel suspension system.
Body Graphics Yes Exterior design elements enhancing aesthetics.
Length 1978 mm Distance between the front and rear ends of the motorcycle.
Width 688 mm Width of the motorcycle at its widest point.
Height 1098 mm Vertical distance from the ground to the highest point.
Fuel Capacity 9.5 L Volume of fuel the motorcycle’s tank can hold.
Ground Clearance 178.5 mm Distance between the ground and lowest point of the motorcycle.
Wheelbase 1340 mm Distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels.
Kerb Weight 154 Kg Weight of the motorcycle with all fluids.
Headlight Halogen Type of headlight illumination technology.
Tail Light LED Type of illumination technology used for the tail light.
Turn Signal Lamp LED Type of illumination technology used for the turn signal lamp.
LED Tail Lights Yes Presence of LED lights in the tail section.
Battery Type Maintenance Free Type of battery requiring minimal maintenance.
Battery Capacity 12V 8 Ah Amount of electrical energy the battery can store.
Low Fuel Indicator Yes Indicator warning when fuel level is
KTM RC 200

KTM RC 200

KTM RC 200 Engine Displacement and Type

At the core of the KTM RC 200 lies a formidable 199.5 cc 1-Cylinder, 4-Stroke, DOHC Engine. This engine configuration not only promises exhilarating performance but also ensures reliability across diverse riding conditions.

Performance Metrics

  • Mileage Per Liter: With a commendable 32 kmpl Mileage, the KTM RC 200 balances power with efficiency, making it an ideal companion for both urban commutes and long rides.
  • Top Speed Ability: Capable of reaching a thrilling 140 kmph Max Speed, the RC 200 guarantees an adrenaline-filled experience for speed enthusiasts.
  • Maximum Power and Torque: Delivering a staggering 25.83 PS @ 10000 rpm of Maximum Power and 19.5 Nm @ 8000 rpm of Maximum Torque, this motorcycle exudes sheer dominance on the road.

Weight and Braking System

  • Kerb Weight: Weighing in at a nimble 137 kg, the RC 200 strikes a perfect balance between agility and stability.
  • Brakes Style: Equipped with Disc brakes on both the front and rear, the RC 200 ensures responsive and reliable braking performance, instilling confidence in the rider.

KTM RC 200 Features and Safety

Advanced Technology Integration

The KTM RC 200 boasts a plethora of advanced features, including:

  • ABS: With a Dual Channel ABS system, the RC 200 offers enhanced safety by preventing wheel lock-up during sudden braking maneuvers.
  • Digital Console: A futuristic Digital Console provides riders with crucial information such as speed, trip meter, and fuel level at a glance.
  • LED Lighting: Featuring LED headlights and tail lights, the RC 200 ensures optimal visibility both during the day and night.

Ergonomics and Comfort

  • Chassis and Suspension: The RC 200’s Steel Trellis Frame, combined with WP Upside-Down Fork Ø 43 mm front suspension and WP Monoshock rear suspension, delivers a sublime balance of agility and comfort.
  • Body Design: Crafted to perfection, the RC 200’s aerodynamic body design not only enhances its visual appeal but also improves handling and stability at high speeds.

KTM RC 200 Price and Availability

The KTM RC 200 is priced at an attractive 600,000 BDT in Bangladesh, making it a compelling choice for riders seeking unparalleled performance and style.


In conclusion, the KTM RC 200 emerges as a true champion in the realm of sports motorcycles, blending cutting-edge technology, exhilarating performance, and unmistakable style. Whether navigating through city streets or conquering winding highways, the RC 200 delivers an unmatched riding experience that sets it apart from the competition.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is the KTM RC 200 suitable for beginners?
    • While the RC 200 offers impressive performance, its user-friendly ergonomics and advanced safety features make it suitable for riders of varying experience levels.
  2. Does the KTM RC 200 come with a warranty?
    • Yes, KTM offers a standard warranty package for the RC 200, providing peace of mind to riders against potential manufacturing defects.
  3. Can the KTM RC 200 be customized with aftermarket accessories?
    • Yes, there is a wide range of aftermarket accessories available for the RC 200, allowing riders to personalize their motorcycles according to their preferences.
  4. What is the recommended maintenance schedule for the KTM RC 200?
    • KTM recommends following the prescribed maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the RC 200.
  5. Does the KTM RC 200 require any special type of fuel?
    • The RC 200 is designed to run on standard unleaded gasoline, making it convenient for riders to refuel at any gas station.
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